Weld preparation and weld cleaning are vital in the steel processing industry. A laser system can effortlessly be built into an existing process or production line, speeding up the complete process.
Weld preparation is a crucial step before actually placing a weld and can be done with surface cleaning. 
Laser cleaning on mild steel welds is challenging, because of the thick, black ‘slack’ that is formed during the welding process, but on small surfaces it works without any problems.
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The effects of good weld preparation were determined with an investigation we did on aluminium a few years ago. We compared good and bad weld preparation, meaning all oxides were eliminated via surface cleaning on one part, and no cleaning was performed on another one.

On the left side of the picture you can see a lower porosity as a result of good surface cleaning. The less porosity in a weld, the less chance it will break over time. 

High speeds can be reached when preparing and cleaning the welds on aluminium, which makes laser cleaning a very effective solution.

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Stainless steel is as suitable for weld preparation and cleaning as aluminium. You can reach cleaning speeds varying from 1m to 1.5m per second.
These speeds match up to common welding speeds, so it is easy to include a new laser cleaning system in an existing line. 
Needless to say is the fact that it is a very clean method, in comparison to traditional techniques as for example the use of chemical solvents.
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Just like with rubber moulds, speed is a crucial factor when it comes to cleaning. Laser cleaning succeeds in reaching this speed without damaging the base material.

A lot of plastic moulds have a specific structure that may not be damaged when cleaning. Traditional cleaning methods like sand-blasting cannot guarantee this preservation, laser cleaning can.

On top of that, a lot of moulds are designed with a high gloss finish to transfer to the final product. Laser cleaning makes sure this high gloss is not affected by the cleaning.

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Compact solution is a good option for small moulds cleaning and High Power solution if cleaning speed is an important factor.



Laser unit could be successfully use for structure repair jobs for the mould cavities and for surface structure creation for total new mould cavities.
There are a lot of situations when during the moulding processes is necessary to repair the mould cavities (scratches, flares, spots etc). With our laser solution it is possible to make an essential repair in quick time and with high quality.
At the same time it is a powerful tool for total new surface structure creation that toolmakers using on daily bases saving time and money delivering high quality moulds to the market.
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Compact solution makes the process flexible and mobile for operator.