In the restoration process, laser cleaning has been used with satisfying results in for example stone conservation to remove encrustation. Alongside the aesthetically pleasing results, it is relevant to determine that laser cleaning does not have any adverse effects.
Compared to the more traditional techniques laser cleaning has many advantages. The diameter of the laser beam can be regulated so the areas of different dimensions can be treated. There is no physical contact between the object to be cleaned and the laser equipment. This aspect can be really relevant in treating fragile materials. 
Best solution
Compact Systems for small/fragile restorations and High Power units for large restorations


It is never pleasant to wake up to horrible aerosol graffiti on your new stone fence. Of course, you would not be the first to encounter this problem. 

These days, the main problem is removing graffiti paint from historical buildings. Graffiti is more and more frequent on public buildings and even on monuments.

It is more or less like cutting the grass. Of course you still need an appropriate device, which we are pleased to offer.

Best solution
Compact Systems provide effectiveness and best mobility.


Laser cleaning solution is the newest technology keeps concrete buildings looking new.
Compared to the more traditional techniques like chemical cleaning the laser cleaning has some advantage in speed and quality.
Best solution
Mid Power and High Power Systems depending on size of cleaning areas.