Industrial laser cleaning systems are most known for their rust removal capabilities. Applications can be found in multiple industries, such as process & production or the heavy industry. 
Our machines can be used for rust removal or deoxidation small machinery and materials that leave the warehouse rusted after being left there for several weeks or months. Some of the main advantages of using laser cleaning as a rust removal method are the lack of chemicals that have to be used, the substrate is not damaged, very little pollution, etc.
Best solution
Compact Systems for small surfaces and High Power Systems for large surfaces.


Low Power systems are excellent for in-line coating removal If you want to manually remove coating on a larger surface and at higher speeds, a High Power system is the way to go!
A lot of our customers use the laser’s coating removal capabilities prior to any welding, brazing, bonding or new coating process. In the heavy industry for example, laser cleaning is used to prepare train bodywork for a new coating. Our systems are also capable of removing the paint layer by layer, if you don’t want to remove everything all at once.

The laser technique is a non-contact and non-abrasive process, no use of chemicals or blasting media are necessary, we see a reduction in waste, automation is easy and it’s very safe. 
Best solution
Compact Systems are excellent for in-line coating removal and High Power Systems for large surfaces.


Degreasing is mostly applied in the process & production industry.
It can be initiated at the end of a process line as a final cleaning solution to remove any dirt, moist or other contaminants. In the end, you’re left with a clean product, ready to be sold to the customer.  
Another application is the preparation of a product for a subsequent process: gluing, welding, coating and etc.
Best solution
Compact Systems and High Power Systems if high speed demanded.


Laser is the best device if an area has to be cleaned to apply glue or to insert a spot weld.

Often not the complete surface has to be cleaned, but only certain spots on that surface. Imagine you only have to remove rust on certain spots on a weld or that you only want to clean the rivets on the body of an airplane. That’s where spot repair comes in and because of the 2D-scanners in the optic of our laser systems, circles can be created at once, which speeds up the complete process drastically.

Best solution
Compact solution is a good option for sport repairs.


Another huge advantage is the lack of waste that is introduced during the cleaning operation. Traditional methods create a lot of ‘cleaning waste’, while laser cleaning only creates a radioactive dust, that can be captured and isolated very easily.
One of the biggest challenges when working in the nuclear industry, is getting rid of nuclear waste. Nuclear waste is very dangerous and expensive. It’s obvious that reducing nuclear waste can reduce the costs radically, and laser cleaning can be the solution in this case.
When a nuclear system has to be disassembled, radioactivity can be found everywhere: in the walls, the steel structures, devices, etc. Laser cleaning can reduce the radioactivity in for example steel structures to up to 70%, because almost all of the radioactivity is located in the top layer of the structure. Same story goes for concrete walls or lead beams, laser cleaning reduces the radioactive values drastically. 
Best solution
High Power Systems brings best performance and effectiveness.


The semiconductor industry has found its way to laser cleaning because of the need for process preparation. For example: during the production process of the printed circuit boards as PCB has to be tinned.

For this, the PCB’s have to be completely clean. During the production process, flash is introduced on the sides of some of the components. Laser cleaning is able to remove this flash, before it enters the tinning bath.  Due to this, the quality of the PCB is improved and stabilized, making sure every PCB has the same properties over and over again.

Best solution
Compact Systems provide desired precision and speed for these processes.


Hygiene is, of course, a key factor in the medical industry. In Cleanrooms no dust or other moist is allowed. The benefit of laser cleaning in this case, is the fact that it creates very little waste, and that the waste can be carried away in a controlled manner. 
Another application for laser cleaning in the medical industry is the cleaning of large tanks. These tanks are usually filled with chemical materials, but need to be cleaned once in a while.
The advantage of laser cleaning is the fact that the walls of the tanks are not affected by the laser. The roughness stays the same, while the chemical residue is completely removed. 
A third application in the medical industry can be found in marking the medical tools. Laser marking is fast and durable, thus making it an excellent solution for this application.
Best solution
Compact Systems for small cleaning/marking and High Power lasers if maintenance work needs to be done fast.