Mould cleaning is one of the most popular segment for laser cleaning application. Wiriety of industies using moulds nowadays is huge. Laser claning gives the opprtunity to make your production and maintenanace way easier then before.


Weld cleaning is definitely one of the most classic application for industrial laser cleaning. It can be applied for steel, stainless steel and aluminium welds without damaging the substrate.


Every day food industry facing increasing requirements for cooking processes. Cleaningnes and desinfection strts to be even more inmortant as before. Laser cleaning technology helps not only clean your equipment efficiently but also make surface desinfection at the same time.


Industrial surface cleaning is probably the best known laser treatment application. Rust and paint removal, degreasing, surface activation, restoration and etc. are all considered as surface cleaning applications.


Laser cleaning has been used in stone restoration processes. It shows good results. Same time it becames an important tool for cleaning concrete surfaces of modern buildings and for removing grafity from fasades and walls.


Laser marking is the technique of marking products, materials or workpieces using laser technology. Due to one of the basic principles of laser cleaning, removing the ‘dirt’ layer but not affecting the base material, it is extremely suitable for marking applications.