P-Laser High Power Laser Cleaning System

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GENERAL INFORMATION HIGH power series advantages are: ⦁ High pulse power with large surface coverage ⦁ Operated by 19" control unit ⦁ Integrated water cooling system ⦁ Integrated air treatment unit to avoid dust onto the lens ⦁ User-friendly interface Cleansweep© software for jobs creation High Power series can be delivered in the following configurations: 350W, 500W, 1000W or 2000W. All units work at the same pulse power, but 1000W delivers double the amount of energy of 500W to speed up operation process. The same is true for 2000W systems.
MOBILE OR FIXED TYPE Fixed cabinet When standing independently or integrated in a production or assembly ensures reliability of fixation laser system. Cabinet measurements: 103x80x121 cm (LxWxH) Mobile trolley Easily transported, the brakes on the caster wheels prevent the system from moving around unintentionally. Trolley measurements: 182x77x140 cm (LxWxH)
MANUAL OR MACHINE OPTIC Manual optic For constantly changing working areas/ freedom to operate the laser anywhere you want ⦁ Can be operated by hand ⦁ 2D-scanners ensures extremely versatile package of operation modes ⦁ An external vacuum system can be added to ensure good suction of harmful dust or fumes ⦁ The Optics can be delivered with a cable length varying from 16m to 50m Machine optic Quick set up on at assembly production line without large modifications ⦁ 2D-scanners  ensure a high versatility in operation modes
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