NEW: QF-Compact - Most Compact Laser Cleaning System Ever

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SIZE DOES MATTER While the smartphone in your pocket keeps getting larger and larger, the laser cleaning industry needed our systems to become smaller and smaller. We accepted the challenge and built the smallest laser cleaning system the world has ever seen. Coming in at 13 kg and measuring 485x225x330mm, it will be a solid competitor for years to come. Compact series can be delivered in the following configurations: 50W or 100W
NEXT LEVEL OF EASE-OF-USE With its interactive, state-of-the-art touch encoder, job selection has never been easier. QF-Compact has rotative wheel with 8 custom jobs selection for easy to use whenever it's needed. Any jobs can be easily modified with Cleansweep©. Software is installed on a tablet supplied and has wireless connection with QFC. No more cables needed to make working process easier and comfortable. Other key features of QF-Compact includes are quick startup cycle (about 10 seconds) and very low maintenance requirements. You only need to replace the dust filter once in a while.
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